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Great products for great people

Nick & Nichol's is a husband and wife team whose chosen purpose in life is to teach future generations skills so that they can be self-sufficient.

"We were given the ability to teach ourselves skills which we used to get ourselves out of a bad situation in life, and with those skills, we are set and ready to teach other willing participants the same abilities and skills to free themselves from whatever difficulty they might be in.
We started making our creations in 2016 where we went on a "Pilgrimage", if you will, to get ourselves the right skills and identify the right equipment to make our creations. After working from a garage for two years polishing our skills, we were eventually offered a shop at Casterbridge to use as a studio shop, where we met our customers from all over the world on a daily basis. We share our story with anyone who will listen. Through this sharing, we now have our product traveling to every corner of the world."

Over the last 7 months, things have been changing quickly! The shop in Casterbridge closed in January and a recent move has meant a new workshop and a broadening of horizons! 

Life is looking up for these bright young things and their determination to not let the recent lockdown deter them from growing is remarkable. New lines are on the way and their creativity cannot be slowed!

Who knew a tube could be so popular?

Our Team

Our Team

Company team

Nick Nyalungu, @nick_themystic 

Nick is the one who was fortunate enough to be inspired to come up with the idea. Being self-taught- he has made up a special process in the creation of each bag. His patience for the tube is limitless, allowing each bag to properly express its own beauty, in its own way. Making each bag unique.

Company team

Nicole Nyalungu, @nickyblu

Nicole is the “beautiful” in the bags. Every bag that has ever been made from us, has her special touch of beauty. She cuts the patterns which Nick and Musa put together for her to finish up with her hand stitching, adding buttons or whatever her Beautiful inspires her to add. Every bag is what it is because of her.

Company team

Musa Chema, Seamster

Musa joined our Team in 2018 while we were in the garage. He was taught to sew while he was a young boy at home. He is the one who sews together all the beautiful linings inside our bags, putting in the neat zip pockets inside the bags. His abilities and attention to detail are exceptional and we are thrilled that he is part of our team.


Our Mission is to transfer this self-taught skill not only to South Africans, but also to young people in other countries throughout the continent of Africa.

We aim to reach a monthly target of 10 tons of tube up cycled into beautiful accessories by 2025 (we are currently at a ton a month).

"Perhaps the mission of an artist is to interpret beauty to people - the beauty within themselves."

Langston Hughes


Our Vision and Purpose is to help improve the state of our planet through the cleaning up process and the improvement of young African's lives which we can sustainably bring with our creations.

Sustainability with every bag.

"Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes."

Carl Jung


We were on TV!

The Insider SA on SABC3 chose to feature us on one of their first shows! We had so much fun filming with the crew and were blown away by the feature they did! 

Our slot on the Insider SA shown for the first time 8th September 2020