IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT:  Workshop Closed till January 2022

There have been a number of extremely exciting developments with our workshop and lives! If you follow us on Facebook you will know that we have moved to the most beautiful part of the world. Our home is now on a mountain next to a lake and we could not be more delighted!

We have to pause our workshop while we build and settle - There is more to the story please hit the button to find out more.

AngeliEna Movie

Sometime last year while the world was ending, we got a call from a lady who said her name is @ugacarlini and she creates movies. She said she wanted us to create a bag for a movie she's doing. After the call ended, we rushed to Google to see what an Uga is 😁. And boy were we blown away by this Being! Achievements on achievements, award upon award. And more than that she was overflowing with love and creativity. 

Long story short, we made a bag and the movie is launched 10th October on Netflix worldwide. The movie is @angelienamovie and is a beautiful story of the Underdog.

Have a movie night and celebrate Proudly South African Magic. What you say, ha?

Thank you always to the One who Writes our Reality.

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Angeliena Movie Featuring Nick & Nichole's Vegan Designs
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Veld Shoes

Our stunning new line of canvas and rubber Veld shoes can be worn anywhere anytime! We make our shoes to order so if you have small or over-sized feet, or any specific requirement we can work with you. Everyone should be able to have amazing shoes!

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Vegan Leather Bags

Our environmentally friendly bags have come a long way in the last 4 years and are being updated  all the time. The lining changes often depending on what is available and we can customize stitching, straps, closures, embellishments. All made to order.

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Lifestyle Items

We have started looking into all manner of homewares and lifestyle products. We have a sweet set of vegan leather travel bags for toiletries, beaded storage for logs and toys, and gift bags. If there is something specific that you would like to see get in touch!

Our company ethos & the vegan way

All of our upcycled products have been inspired by our own lives and of those around us. We have a gorgeous range of beautifully handcrafted items that are designed to be stylish AND  practical enough to use every day.
After a few personal events, we got talking about what we can do to change ourselves. We soon realised that our internal problems are common amongst individuals and they cause negativity to spread outward into society. And to truly fix society, we have to fix ourselves. If we fix ourselves, we will release a different energy into the world, a healing energy. 

The best way to do that is through love. Love is the magic formula, which fixes everything wrong about anything. And love is the driving force behind our product. We wanted this dirty unwanted tube to be loved and appreciated all over again. The rubber inner tube bound for refill is rescued and born again. It gets a second chance. So love is our ethos, and God is love. It wasn’t intentional that we found ourselves making vegan-friendly products, it just so happened that the tube looks and acts a lot like leather when it’s made into a bag. But now we are dabbling with the vegan lifestyle and Nicky has been trying out some recipes for the kids and me.



All of our products are made with environmentally conscious upcycled truck rubber inner tubes. 


Each item is absolutely unique and handcrafted. You can be sure that no-one else will have the same item as you!

Made to order

All of our products are customizable from the lining to the stitching to the embellishments.

social Impact 

We are working with underdeveloped communities to provide jobs, skills, and opportunities.

Rubber trees being tapped for their sap


Around 25 million tonnes of rubber are produced each year, of which 30% is natural.
While tyre inner tubes can be made from natural or synthetic rubber they both pose an ecological issue. 

Well looked after tyres and inner tubes can last for years and travel thousands of kilometres. so you can guarantee that each of our items has travelled all over South Africa, if not further in its lifetime before it gets to you!

Rubber is a flexible material that has some similarities to the texture of leather in terms of using it as a material. It holds its shape, is strong, durable, can be stitched, glued, branded but unlike leather no animals were harmed in its creation, making it a great vegan option. 

At Nick & Nichol's rescue these inner tubes from landfills before upcycling them into our unique products - literally taking rubbish that takes years to degrade and putting them to use.

While tyre inner tubes can be made from natural or synthetic rubber they both pose an ecological issue. 

In the US alone 290 million tyres are discarded every year. Because synthetic rubber is so hard-wearing and it doesn't naturally degrade this poses a question - what to do with tyres at the end of their life?

Many go to landfills and in poorer countries, they are burned for warmth. Burning tyres and inner tubes releases toxic chemicals into the air posing a significant risk both to health and the environment. 

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